Renewed perspective this Christmas

As I sit down to write this, I am still looking at a pile of gifts to wrap, groceries to buy and a house to clean. I don’t have the perfect wrapping paper that I typically would have, there is no baking in my freezer and I still don’t know what I’m going to prepare for my family on Christmas day. However, this year has taught me the importance of perspective. There is always another way to look at the situation and another frame of mind that can totally change how I see things. Earlier this year, when it felt that much was uncertain and we didn’t know how the year would unfold we found out that we were expecting a little bundle in December. While this is such good news, it did feel like an additional change that we needed to process and prepare for.

Fast forward to December 17, 2020 when our little Sienna Victoria Noelle arrived and suddenly we had a new perspective.

There was a newness, a sense of hope and joy that only a new little life can bring. We are so blessed and so thankful for this addition to our family. In a year that seemed so bleak has ended with such excitement and a grateful heart. What a lovely way to enter the Christmas season.

Christmas gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on our perspective of both the past year and the year to come.

We have all had our difficult paths to walk and that is what brings us all together. There have been disappointments, setbacks and change that we did not foresee that each family has had to endure and journey through. It can seem like we are the only ones that have had to “suffer” but truthfully we should feel more united, and more empathetic than ever, and yet it seems there is more that divides and more conflict that before. With so many opinions, perspectives, and objectives it has been difficult to feel like we are moving in the same direction.

We aren’t the first to experience a time of uncertainty and division. There have been many generations that have gone through difficult, uncertain times. The first Christmas was loaded with imperfections and humanity but that night Divine brought the world a Gift that is timeless- a renewed HOPE and JOY that could only come from God Reaching down with love to His people with the gift of a baby – His Son.

Jesus’ birth in the manger was the beginning of hope and a message of love and peace – as we navigate the next months let’s not forget that we are called to love one another and live together in peace. This is a more complicated assignment than many of us care to admit as we all have our own perspectives and realities that we bring to the table. However, with love first and the desire for peace, hopefully we can meet in the middle, spread joy and show one another that life certainly goes beyond the day to day but that we see people for who they are and the worth they bring.

The message of Christmas hasn’t changed – the thrill of hope is still there, we just need to perhaps pause and find it and then reflect it to those around us.

May this Christmas be one of a Reflection of Hope for you, your families and all those that you love.

From our home to yours, Merry Christmas!

Stephen & Janelle Kaeden, Kyler & Sienna

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